No Mother Should Have to Fear…




  1. Right. Teach them to rob, steal, kill, mug, and let them just get away with it. This one takes the cake! But the store owner should shiver that HE is getting killed instead. What sick thinking these people are brought up with.
    This sign should really say: Every Mother should have to fear for her son’s life every time he robs a store.
    And you know what else? Let the Mama and the Papa (if you can find him!) sit in jail as well for bringing up these lowlifes.

  2. Yes – the halacha is that you are allowed to kill a robber while he’s robbing because your life is in danger when you catch him in the act. Shemos 22:1
    So yes, Leroy, every mother SHOULD fear for her son’s life every time he robs a store.

  3. Um, guys, you’re missing the point.

    This is funny. This is meant to be facetious and sarcastic. Finally, the truth is coming out!

    (Could you imagine if a white guy held up such a sign?!)

    Did you see what Charles Barkley said? The blacks are starting to turn out to support the police officer. Woohoo

  4. The above statement is true. In order for it to be that way is to teach their children not to steal. That way the will not have to fear that they will rob a store.

  5. The sign looks appalling but actually it might be meant to be highly sarcastic. In the latter case kol hakavod to the African-American young man holding it. I would not dare, I would be fearing for my life and my loved ones’.

  6. There’s no question that no mother could be stupid enough to hold up such a sign. This is a joke. I have no idea what it’s doing on Matzav.

  7. For Americans, of course this whole ordeal is problematic on many levels.

    However, why is this Matzav-worthy news. It does not concern the Jewish community, either in the US or in Israel.


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