No More Long Mi Shebeirach at 770


770-eastern-parkwayThe Beis Din of Crown Heights has posted a new sign on their bulletin board, reiterating what was announced in their name before krias Hatorah on Shabbos Parshas Korach at 770 Eastern Parkway in Crown heights. The new rule is that the gabbai will no longer accept Mi Shebeirach requests, but rather each mispalel can stand around the bimah and recite the Mi Shebeirachhimself.

The following is a translation of the sign:

20 Tamuz 5772 (10.07.2012)

This is the new rule announced during Shabbos Parshas Korach in 770 before Kriah (while the Sefer Torah was being carried from the Aron Kodesh):

In the name of the Rabbonim, members of the Beis Din, we announce that from now and on, there is a new rule regarding Mi Shebeirach:

The length of time being used to say “Mi Shebeirach” is Tircha D’tziburah, therefore, anyone who wants to say “Mi Shebeirach” should come himself and stand next to the Bimah, and say himself the “Mi Shebeirach,” or ask someone else to say it for him (obviously, it should be said loud enough that others should answer Amen).

The only exception to the rule is for the “Mi Shebeirach” for a mother who gave birth, that the Gabbai can be asked to annouce the new name.

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  1. It won’t work. Imagine even 5 people comiing up and all saying the Mi Shebeirach at the same time. You won’t be able to answer Amen to any individual Mi Shebeirach because you won’t hear it over the others. What they should do is like what’s done in many shuls. Have the gabbai say one Mi Shebeirach (or two, one for women and one for men) and when he gets up to where one inserts the name, everyone at their seats can add the name of the choleh/cholah and then when the gabbai finishes, the Amen will be in unison for all the cholim.

  2. Why is this important for all of the hundreds of thousands of people who don’t daven at 770? Are you going to start posting every shul’s policy?

  3. They could have used a much more Halachic reason to stop Mi Shebeirach’s on Shabbos altogether.

    ??? ?????? ??? ??????? ????, says the Rambam in Hilchos Taaniyos perek 2, and in Hilchos Shabbos perek 30 ???? ??????? ?????? ??????? ????? ????? ???? ?????? ???? ?? ????? ?????? ?????? ???????? ????? ??? ?????? ??? ??????? ????.

    And Maran Beis Yosef in Siman 288 says: ??? ???? ??? ?? ???? ???? ?????? ???????? ??? ???? ???? ?????? ???? ?? ????? ??????? ???? ????. ???? ???? ???”? ???? ??? ???? ???? ????? ?????? ?? ????. ??”?. ??’ ???”? (???”?) ??? ????? ????? ???? ????? ?”? ????”? ??’ ??? ??????? ?? ?????? ??”? ??”?.

    So basically unless its a Chole who is in Sakana that day you are forbidden from making a Mi Shebeirach anyway.

    The reason given is that when we daven for a sick person we have pain, and on Shabbos we must indulge in pleasure and not in pain.

    May Hashem send a Refuah Sheleima to all Choilei Yisroel, Amein.

  4. I don’t nderstand. If each person says his own mishebeirach, that would take MORE time than the gabbai saying one mishebeirach with a long list of names.

  5. I think if they made it mandatory that there was a minimum donation for a Mi Shebeirach, it would cut significantly on the number of Mi Shebeirachs. Alternatively, they could adopt the ikar hadin that Mi Shebeirachs for a choleh should not be said on Shabbos, unless the choleh is about to die. In fact, I think the two ideas should be adopted together.
    They work in our shul.

  6. they have the same thing for saying hagomel. when hundreds of people come in from overseas each person just says the bracha loud enough and people around them answer

  7. Why not say a generic mishebeirach for the oleh, his family, the rov of the kehila and all other mispalelim and no more?

  8. the source for saying mi shbeirach for sick person as noted in the darcei moshe hilchos bikur cholim 335,2 is based on the gemara BB 115 – whoever has a sick one in his home should go to a chochom and he should daven for him and nimukei yosef says that in france such is done to go to the rav to bless him and the DM adds that it appears to him that this is the source that in all countries the mi shbeirach is said in the shul etc. my understanding of this thread is the mishbeirach is clearly not an individuals tefila -for that one can say tehilim etc.Rather it is the gabbai of the community authorized by the rav and kehila to daven on the behalf of the choleh . therefore the minhag of everone saying the name of “their” choleh where they are the only ones hearing seems to be far from the original minhag and possibly missing the efficacy of the “”rav””. Chabad has atleast that it is said outloud and amen should be said by all to that mishbeirach ((the meiri there learns the chocom (note -and not tzaddik!) is not the one davening rather he teaches the relative how and what to daven !!! which would not contradict any of these minhagim!!

  9. how sad and a testament to our generation that it is a tircah to hear all the terribly ill people that need a refuah shleimah !! are there more people sick today then in the time of the rama where he says to daven for them on shabbos.. ??? because of telecommunications we know of more of them today so because of that they should lose out on our tefillos as has been the custom for generations .. certainly on shabbos where are we running to ???

  10. If everyone comes up by themselvs it will take so much longer! The real problem is: people come up with so many names, half of them they don’t even know them or the story with them! They keep coming up week after week without doing any backup checking! Who knows if the Chole is still alive?! Maybe they got better, B”H! It is totaly out of control. Meshebairach is meant for a Chole Mesuka R”L, not for someone with a headache, tooth ache, just failed his bar exam, etc…!

  11. #7… i think you need to learn a little more and go to shuls and see how mi shebeirachs work… its not enough always to be book smart but you need street smart… and may i suggest… that mentchleche reason 770 gave is far more important… derech eretz kadmah latorah and especiallly during 3 weeks… learn from around you… see sfas emes on asaeh lecha rav…in avos where he explains make the world around your rov your teacher your lifes experiences…. good luck to you

  12. would be a better news if they would finally say that they are gonna take all these yechi adoneinu …… from the walls of the beit hamidrash.

  13. #12 Ahavas Yisroel please in three weeks….i visit matzav daily because comments are always in spirit of achdus, please dont make me search again for another sight…we sont agree with their shittah but we still have to love them…please.

  14. You’ve misunderstood. They’re not referring to a mi shebeibrach for cholim, it’s the long mi shebeirach where you can include all your family and give a donation after recieving an aliyah to the Torah.

  15. 1) All your lomdus aside, the bottom line is that most shuls do make mi shebeirach’s and say “Shabbos hi milizok urfuah krovah lavo..”

    2) Where in the article or the notice does it say that this refers davka on Shabbos? There’s a main minyan in ‘770’ three times every day and many people try to make Mi Shebeirach’s (for Chole R”L, Births) and bentch Gomel in that minyan!


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