No IDF Army Interviews for Yeshiva Bochurim

idf recruit giyus

The Vaad Hayeshivos, which arranges the exemption of yeshiva students, has arranged that bochurim will no longer be interviewed during their first visit to induction centers. Instead, they will fill out questionnaires in advance.

The Vaad Hayeshivos has also canceled the mandatory medical inspections and arranged for yeshivas to appoint intermediaries to keep contact with Vaad Hayeshivos and ensure that all exemptions are arranged promptly and correctly to prevent bochurim from unintentionally losing their exempt status.

{ Israel News}


  1. A big yasher koach to the Vaad Hayeshivos for all they are doing now, and have done for so many years, to protect our precious bnei hayeshivos.

    We need to have much hakoras hatov for their work, and not ch”v to be כפויי טובה ר”ל.

  2. Ok what about if you are frum, but not learning full time? The vaad hayeshivos throws you under the bus!
    Maran HaRav Shach Zatzal said: the army is yehoreg veal yavor
    no Jew can be in the army independant if he learns or not.
    Let’s face it vaad hayeshivos gets annual 3 million shekel from the government and in exchange they must keep exact records and anybody not learning full time is thrown under the bus.
    This never happened in the past!
    Somehow even boys not learning full time we’re able to get out of the army.
    But no more thanks to our very own vaad hayeshivos, and to quotas which we signed on to.
    Let’s not be fooled there is a big problem out there and trying to side track us will not help.

  3. Yankel Goldberg everything you are saying is absolutely 100% FALSE!
    There are letters from Rav Yechezkel Ambramsky that the Pitur is
    The Steipler said MANY times that anyone who tries to get a pitur from serving in the army and is not learning in yeshiva is a RODEF GAMUR on the oilam hatorah. Don’t take my word for it it’s printed in Orchos Rabbainu chelek daled amud reish (written by the steiplers talmud muvhak Horah Horowitz The Mechaber of the classic sefer on Yichud Dvar Halacha)

    • What you’re saying about the Steipler zt”l and Rav Chaskel zt”l is false. And you believe the lie that they told boys to serve in the army and become goyim if they’re not learning?

  4. Excuse me!!!
    I quoted the source for the Steipler (Orchos Rabbainu chelek daled amud reih)
    look it up and then get back to me.
    How can you say it’s false t’s there black on white!

  5. Excuse me!
    I quoted the source for the Steipler (אורחות רבינו חלק ד עמוד ר)
    Please look it up and then get back to me.
    It’s there in black and white!

    • You mean, the Steipler ZT”L had no problem with bachurim joining co-ed battalions? He had no problem listening to kol isha? He had no problem eating inferior kashrus? He had no problem shaving off beard & Payos to conform to the Army rules? Watching others be michallel Shabbos? Since you’re such an expert, please enlighten us as to these serious breaches in halacha.

  6. I’m no expert
    You seem to know what the Steipler meant
    So please tell me how YOU learn pshat
    I’m waiting to hear YOUR explanation.


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