No Glatt Kosher For Jailed Recalcitrant Husband Who Refuses To Give Get


jailThe Great Rabbinical Court has ordered the Israel Prison Service to deny a jailed long-time recalcitrant husband glatt kosher meals, as means to pressure him into granting his wife a divorce. In response, the man declared a hunger strike and is currently being fed intravenously. The couple got married 10 years ago, and two years later, the two separated and have been living apart ever since. They have two children.

When they filed for a divorce with the rabbinic court, it seemed that both sides were interested in a quick procedure, and the husband even stated at the time that he did not want to see his wife ever again.

But since then, and for the last eight years, the man has come up with various arguments and demands that have prevented the divorce from being finalized.

As the situation got more and more complicated, the woman agreed to give up alimonies, and visitation rights have been agreed upon. But the husband continued in his attempts to blackmail the wife.

The case was finally handed over to the Great Rabbinical Court, where the judges soon ruled that the man was in fact a recalcitrant husband, who is not genuinely interested in a divorce. “This situation must be put a stop to,” they said in their verdict.

The court then sentenced the man to five years in prison, of which he has already served two. However, even after he was incarcerated, the man continued to present demands and conditions to his wife in return for a divorce.

Having used up most of the sanctions available to them, the judges then came up with a new idea. They ordered the IPS to take the man out of the religious wing in which he was being held, put him in solitary confinement for two weeks, and stop providing him with strictly kosher meals.

But it seems that the stubborn man is willing to do anything but grant his wife her freedom. In recent days he has been on a hunger strike in protest of the change in his food’s kashrus kevel, and the wardens were forced to forcefully put him on IV.

{ Newscenter/Ynet}


  1. Is this Muttar? Isn’t this a Get me’usar? Who is the great Rabb. Court? I’m NOT defending this seemingly bad man.

  2. 3. Comment from balebus
    Time July 18, 2009 at 11:09 PM

    “may we live to see the day when there are no more zionist reshaim”

    LOL! The only rasha is this imbecile, this wicked, wicked man, who has kept his wife an agunah for years. Maybe the IV will stop working and she’ll finally be freed from her prison.

  3. To the question of get me’usah. It is a legitimate question and the Rabbis have argued it for around 1500 years, with the Ashkenazic poskim (Rabbeinu Tam,Maharam MeRuttenberg, etc…) more concerned about coercion than the Babylonian and Sefardic poskim (Geonim, Rif, Rambam,etc..). Nowadays the consensus is that he can be pressured many ways, but when he gives up, he means it and the get is valid.

  4. A note on get me’usah:

    I heard (but I can’t remember where) that pressuring the husband is all right because his yetzer hatov really does want to comply with Beis Din, but his yetzer hara is preventing him. Afflicting him on the plane of gashmius weakens the yetzer hara and thus allows the yetzer hatov to say “rotzeh” as it really wants to do.

  5. “may we live to see the day when there are no more zionist reshaim”

    Did you mean to write, ” may we live to see the day when there are no more reshaim men who deny gettim”


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