NO CHANGE IN LAKEWOOD: Incumbents Coles And D’Elia Win Local Primary


The people of Lakewood have spoken. After a long election season filled with a host of quality candidates, is able to report that Republican Michael D’Elia and Democrat Ray Coles are the winners in today’s primaries.

Although the final numbers aren’t in yet — six districts have not yet reported– the lead is comfortable enough to be able to declare the winners.

Though the rest of the candidates are undoubtedly disappointed to come away with losses after campaigning so vigorously these past few months, they can find comfort in knowing they raised awareness of many issues for the newly elected D’Elia and Coles to tackle as they work to benefit Lakewood and its citizens.



  1. Am I reading the numbers correctly?! That’s all the people who voted?! Less than %10 percent of the population voted?! That’s mamesh a disgrace!

  2. For all those who didn’t vote: tomorrow when you are sitting in traffic and want to blame someone, there is a convenient mirror attached to the visor in your car

    • Excellent point.
      What’s pshat? They’re still under the myth of having to serve Jury Duty? Bittul Torah? Standing in the same line with women? I want to hear what their heter was NOT to vote.

  3. No
    To all of the above!
    It seems like the people followed the Vaad/Rosh Yeshiva

    Good for them, they did the right thing!

  4. When the citizens decline to participate in the democratic process, that process fails. Whining afterwards isn’t merely futile; it’s comic, if one votes to his own family, sitting on his couch.

  5. The Day After is the most important,it shows what you’re made of
    So you lost that round
    We got many people together who should and will go forward till..

    I agree with those who say we have to change tactics. Just as it’s stupid to vote the same people in and expect different results, it’s stupid for us to use the same tactics and expect different results. First off we in no way took the high road. Face it. there was alot of name calling, etc. which turns people off and causes them to take us less seriously.



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