No Bones Found In Danube Sweep For Holocaust Victims’ Remains


A sonar scan of the bottom of the Danube River in Budapest revealed no human remains, a local rabbi who initiated the search for the bodies of Holocaust victims said.

In 2011, human remains were discovered during construction work on a bridge overlooking the Danube. DNA tests run on the bones in August 2015 found that at least nine of the 15 samples were Ashkenazi Jews from Europe and that six others could also be.

The ZAKA team operating the sonar will be back next month for another scan, he said.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. What a continent. Every turn ever now may be so indiscrete that 6 million must be a note.

    Feel bothered by Europe. All history lead to the holocaust. Antisemitism.

    No lingering face. 6 million gone. Only Hitlers the one thankless youth want to see.

    Dead disgust. Real war. Living light its survival. Light any shabbas candle to note Hashem is our G-d. He knows why shoes are on a rivers edge. So too does Europe. Why are we getting hit? Murder plays the tune of growth for the mind that rots. Europe and antisemitism.

  2. cus 75 yrs is enough for all the fish to eat them up.. now theyre gonna deny that people were even thrown into those waters.


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