NJ Parents Can Now Wait Until After Bris to Name Child


Parents in the Garden State who want to wait until after their son’s bris milah to name their child now have over two weeks to do so under a bill signed into law yesterday by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

The law previously allowed just five days after birth to register a name. If parents did not register a name by then, the first name of the rach hanimol on the birth certificate was recorded simply as “baby,” requiring a difficult and arduous process, including a fee, to alter it.

Parents will now have 15 days to register their child’s name with Trenton.

{CB Frommer-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Is he greater than Yochanan Cohen Gadol who became a Sadduccee at 80 years old. Torah does not cover-up even a big person for his mistakes. To err is human . To revise the facts is criminal.

  2. And would it be such a big deal for the parents to record the legal name before the Bris that no one except for a government employee would see? Give me a break.

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