NJ Minimum Wage To Rise To $8.85 An Hour On Jan. 1


New Jersey’s minimum wage will rise to $8.85 an hour on Jan. 1, giving the state’s lowest-paid workers a 25-cent cost of living increase, the state Department of Labor and Workforce Development said Friday.

The annual inflation adjustment renewed calls from Gov. Phil Murphy for a minimum wage of $15 an hour.

Murphy and Democratic lawmakers have been working on a plan to increase the minimum wage to $15 an hour, but they have faced opposition from business groups who say it would force employers to increase prices or cut back on hiring.

“The current minimum wage is grossly insufficient,” Murphy said.


Read more at Asbury Park Press.



  1. silly silly silly. First of all you can never manipulate the free market as business leaders are smarter, and more motivated to succeed than government officials. Secondly this is totally irrelevant as with the unemployment rate being this low there is ABSOLUTELY no one taking a job starting less than $10 an hour anyway so this is just semantics.

  2. Yossi is absolutely right. The going rate is $10. The $8.85 policy is just to make an outcry over something that doesn’t exist

    • Time to fire your cleaning ladies and hire a white English speaking american from NJ. Give her, her $8.85 an hour and everyone will be happy.


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