NJ Governor Christie Hosts Frum Leaders for Jewish American Heritage Month


governor-christie-jewsGovernor Chris Christie of New Jersey gathered over 50 leaders of the Jewish community to his personal residence in Drumthwacket, Princeton, NJ, yesterday to partake in a signing ceremony. Community leaders came from the northern tip of Sussex County to the southern counties of Atlantic and Cape May to participate in the official launch of the Jewish-American Heritage Month.

The Governor, accompanied by Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno, addressed the issues facing the state population, and specifically the budget needs. The Governor spoke at length regarding the educational needs of every child, and lauded the community efforts in instilling moral and ethical values in the educational system.

The Governor spent time in meeting all the participants, including Beth Medrash Govoha CEO Rabbi Aaron Kotler, Lakewood Committeeman and Chaplain Rabbi Menashe Miller, Rabbi Yosef Carlebach of Chabad of Central and Southern New Jersey, Rabbi Leibel Schapiro from Chabad of the Shore, and Rabbi Mendy Carlebach, from Chabad of South-North Brunswick.

The Governor’s Executive Proclamation notes that there is a strong and significant friendship between New Jersey and Israel, that there are an estimated 480,000 Jews in New Jersey, and that New Jersey is the fourth largest state of residence for Jewish Americans.

{Dovid Bernstein-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Boruch Hashem he is doing outreach to the right people. I really support him in Choice Education! Frum families (in Lakewoood especially) can use help with schar limud.

  2. The Governor did not defund the NJ-Israel Commission, please get your facts straight. He only laid off the Director ($120,000 a year job), the Commission members are all volunteer and still will be active. The Commission falls directly under the Lt. Governor and she is known to be an “oiheiv yisroel”.


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