NJ Cops Issue 120,000 Cell Phone Tickets


nj-cell-phonePolice in New Jersey issued approximately 120,000 tickets during the year since the state banned motorists from texting or using hand-held cell phones. A two-week “Hang Up, Just Drive” initiative that targeted motorists in 18 towns resulted in 4,075 summonses last month.

Highway Traffic Safety Director Pam Fischer says the percentage of motorists who weren’t using hands-free devices decreased from 12 to 6 percent. The number of motorists texting in those towns decreased from 2 to 1 percent.

Fischer says 1,866 motor vehicle crashes were caused by drivers using hand-held cell phones in 2007 and 1,421 were caused using hands-free devices.

{Elisha Ferber-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. That’s 3,287 crashes implicated in cell phone use/texting, of which 43% were associated with hands-free devices. (The report doesn’t indicate lives lost or people maimed for life – just the fact of an accident.)

    The moral? It isn’t just the fingers at fault – it’s the lack of attention to driving. Hand-held phones are more dangerous – although not by much. Research has shown that talking on the phone is much more distracting than talking to someone who’s also in the car (why, we don’t yet know).

    Keep your mind on your driving. You, your child, or that innocent stranger may just live a lot longer. If you need to talk – pull over for a few minutes. The minuscule bit of time you “save” isn’t worth the risk of a lifetime of regret.

  2. Why is talking on phone any worse than the people who eat, shave, read, smoke or any of the things people do when they drive. Its all distracting, when driving, just drive and not do other things. So why not ticket for these as well?


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