NIH to Parents: Give Your Babies Peanuts to Prevent Allergies


New federal guidelines issued today recommend exposing babies to peanuts early on to prevent the development of a dangerous allergy to the food. In a turnaround, the National Institutes of Health says landmark research has found that allowing babies to eat peanut-containing items before their first birthday dramatically lowers their chances of becoming allergic to the nut later on.

The guidelines specify that various risk factors determine whether exposures at different ages may be more effective at preventing the allergy. Officials are also quick to point out that these guidelines require a checkup before anything is tried at home. “We’re on the cusp of hopefully being able to prevent a large number of cases of peanut allergy,” said Matthew Greenhawt, a member of the NIH panel that penned the new guidelines. Read more.



  1. No choking risk with peanut butter.That’s obviously what they meant.

    Now sue all lazy pediatricians who, in spite of having no medical evidence, told parents to avoid peanut-containing foods, just so if the kid developed a rash the pedio wouldn’t have to deal with annoying questions about whether it came from peanuts.

  2. To avoid choking risk, give your baby Bamba! There are other companies that make similar products. I don’t work for Osem (or any other company) but this well-known, baby finger food may be responsible for Israelis having such a low rate of peanut allergy, according to this theory. Go figure that the orange-ish, greasy-looking packaging popcorn (that’s what it looks like!) would do the trick.

  3. I thought that if a child gets the almighty flu shot, they are saved from every ailment including allergies and will live a blissful life till 190???

  4. Some people are so stupid. .. Obviously u can’t give a baby peanuts. Give peanut butter, melted, watered down with formula or mixed in with cereal.

    B”H we have a wonderful, frum pediatrician who gave us this good advice already.


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