NIH Superbug Outbreak Highlights Lack Of New Antibiotics


antibioticsAs doctors battled a deadly, drug-resistant superbug at the National Institutes of Health’s Clinical Center last year, they turned to an antibiotic of last resort.

But colistin, as it’s called, is not a fancy new creation of modern biotechnology. It was discovered in a beaker of fermenting bacteria in Japan – in 1949.

That doctors have resorted to such an old, dangerous drug – colistin causes kidney damage – highlights the lack of new antibiotics coming out of the pharmaceutical pipeline even in the face of a global epidemic of hospital-acquired bugs that quickly grow resistant to the toughest drugs.

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{ Newscenter}


  1. a huge cause of the superbug is antibiotics docs give them for every ear infection and pinkeye etc ear infections can almost always be fought off with injecting some hydrogen peroxide in the ear and tilting the head over, it is faster more effective and does not cause antibiotic resistence for pinkeye/conjunctivitis wait it out it usually goes away a tea bag can be used if it is from allergies antihistamine drops work great!


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