Night Seder Bais Medrash Hosts Sixth Nationwide Shiur


rabbi_wachsman_shiur-smallAs the Olam Hayeshivos worldwide embarked upon the new z’man kayitz and thousands of lomdei Daf Yomi were celebrating the conclusion of their limud of Maseches Bava Kama in the program’s twelfth cycle, many members of the Monsey community gathered together in the Night Seder Bais Hamedrash for divrei chizuk and hadracha to mark the occasion.
The event marked the first masechta to be completed in seder Nazikin, just past the halfway point in the worldwide Daf Yomi undertaking that completes shas Bavli every seven and half years. A special celebration was planned for this milestone by the Daf Yomi Commission of Agudas Yisroel of America. Under the aegis of the highly successful “Daf Plus” program, it arranged for Rabbi Ephraim Wachsman, Rosh Yeshiva, Yeshiva Meor Yitzchok to address a nationwide audience through an electronic broadcast.

Since the completion of maseches Kesubos in the current Daf Yomi cycle, the Daf Yomi Commission has been broadcasting special shiurim across the continent to mark the completion of each masechta. The choice of the Night Seder Bais Medrash in Monsey helped train a national spotlight on an established, well-run night seder program that can serve as an inspiration for all Jewish communities nationwide.Weeks beforehand, Daf Yomi Maggidei Shiur nationwide were contacted to encourage them to avail their lomdim of this special shiur. The result was an unrivaled show of interest. Ultimately, tens of locations across the country joined together to view the live broadcast of Rabbi Wachsman’s shiur.

The evening began with opening remarks by Agudas Yisroel’s Rabbi Eliyahu Simcha Bamberger, who commented on the appropriateness of the partnership of the Night Seder Bais Medrash and the Daf Yomi Commission. Both, he said, encourage as many people as possible to make a commitment to limud b’kvius. He then introduced – and offered many thanks to – the guest speaker for agreeing to address this impressive group of lomdim across the country.

rabbi_wachsman_shiurRabbi Wachsman delivered an inspirational shmuess, encouraging all to make full use of the time they have to learning the precious Torah that brings us all closer to our Maker. He emphasized our obligation to judiciously use our time and continuously recharge our spiritual batteries.

The Daf Yomi Commission of Agudas Yisoel of America how has a 24-hour Daf Yomi helpline – 1.212.444.1DAF. This line can be used to access nationwide siyum masechta Shiurim and a dial up service at which a panel of talmidei chachamim are available to answer short and precise questions related to the limud hadaf.

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