NFL Star Keeps Shul In His Home, Uses It To ‘Bless Up’


Antonio Brown, the six-time Pro Bowl wide receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers, has a shul inside his Miami-area home. A fully-formed, Magen David-adorned and Hebrew-etched glass-decorated synagogue.

Brown, who bought the $6.6 million home in 2016 from real estate developer Yizhak Toledano with the shul already installed says he keeps the room as a place to focus on his spirituality.

“I got a lot of Jewish friends, and a synagogue is where you bless up,” he told an interviewer when asked about the room. Read more at JPOST.



    • What does it mean “bless up”?
      Anyway, the Steelers did have the Immaculate Reception in the 72 playoffs vs the Raiders. Happy it happened against that animal, Jack Tatum. So there is something higher going on.

    • He may be unlearned, although he is very likely to know more about Judaism than I do about his sport. He seems to me respectful, and we can only wish everyone were.

  1. Apparently Brown is not Jewish but understands that Jews have a place where they can “bless up”. Hope he realizes that a shul is holy and he better act appropriately in there.

  2. Leg man. If you want best spirituality, build a mikveh.

    The shul in home is fast good if you get a minyan. Invest better the study.

    Cash in if you can get a mikveh. Total liberty purity of the ruach and being.

    So he is not jewish? Maybe an investment banker in the future may buy the real estate. Might be a good selling feature.

    Mikveh. There is no holier.

    Vanity grid safe.


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