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30 has learned exclusively that an “Open Orthodox” institution has paskened that women should not listen to Parshas Zachor. The מהר״ת said that people should never think that there is a חיוב or even any reason at all to listen to a male (זכר).

In other news, the Open Orthodox institution took their ספרי תורה to the סופרת to be corrected. They found a פסול by פרשת קרח. The מהר״ת pulled out her Maxwell House הגדה and showed that it should be spelled כורך.

The סופרת also changed the מגילה to say, “להיות כל איש משרת בביתה.”

Stay tuned for other breaking developments.

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  1. It is not funny. I don’t agree with them either but just my opinion that this wasn’t funny just for the sake of it not being funny. 🙂

  2. Do we really believe in a religion that makes fun of other Jews or should we bring Jews closer to the truth of Torah? All posts like this does is push Jews away….I dont care whether Purim or not, but we have to have a better sense of Bein Adam L’Chaveiro!

  3. Great way to be lach knos kol hayudim.
    Is it funny or nice when the shoe is thrown your way?
    Please don’t post this… but also DELETE YOUR RANT!!!

  4. While I am no fan of “Open Orthodoxy” and would like to see them referred to as something else other than Orthodox, this post does a great disservice to the on going debate by the Torah true world against this movement. This post is a disgrace and should be removed immediately.

  5. It’s getting increasingly difficult to distinguish between Purim Torah and the real thing.

    Must be the alcohol working.

  6. Great ??????? ??”?!
    I don’t think the Megilla is Lained in YCT. 1) For Mordechai Hatzadik to ride on a horse that Haman Harashah is pulling is totally inhumane!
    2) The reason for the Gezeira doesn’t sit well with YCT. Participating in the Seudas Achashveirosh-that’s such a nobel thing to do. It’s a Kiddush Hashem to join Goyim in their Seudah and act like a Goi!
    3) Mordechai wouldn’t bow to Haman-what a Chillul Hashem.

  7. I was just learning the halachot of the arba parshiyot last night. It is actually a machloket whether women are obligated in hearing it or not.

    And that isn’t Purim Torah, it is the real thing.

  8. Dr. Hall, the “psak” above was that they shouldn’t, not that they don’t need to.
    And thanks, Matav, for giving so many people the chance to say it’s not funny 😉
    (Including me, I hope.)

  9. Oy Charlie,

    You are such a scream.

    What is most amusing about your comment is that you know that the poskot of YCT would not accept that women should be potur in anything a man is mechuyav in.

    A freilechan purim.

  10. “I once heard an OO-type speaker say that Purim is the Jews’ blood-lust holiday.”

    And the problem with rejoicing in the killing of Haman and his sons is???

    I personally rejoice over Barack Obama’s killing of Osama bin Laden and 13 other Al Qaeda leaders. And I would love to rejoice over the deaths of the same number — or more — Hamas and Hezbollah leaders.

  11. I truly got a hearty laugh from reading this. this is exactly the type of leitzanus I have no problem enjoying. Keep posting more! Thanks again 🙂


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