Newly Released ‘Harry Potter’ Haggadah Parallels Yetzias Mitzrayim With Hogwarts Journeys, Messages


A new Haggadah inspired by J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter illustrates an analogy between the global best-seller’s main character and Yetzias Mitzrayim, the author told the UK’s  Jewish Chronicle.

Rabbi Moshe Rosenberg, who leads a synagogue in Queens, NY, said of his self-published work, Unofficial Hogwarts Haggadah, “There are so many parallels between Harry Potter’s journey from unwanted orphan to the savior of wizardkind…uplifting the downtrodden, sharing our current wealth and prosperity with others, education, different learning styles, parent-child relationships, unconditional love and kinship with one another…”

Rosenberg said he was inspired to write the Unofficial Hogwarts Haggadah — categorized by Amazon as a “Jewish holiday best-seller” after hosting “Harry Potter Nights” for students he teaches in the Bronx. At those events, he said, he sorts the kids into the different “Hogwarts school houses” and they play Quidditch, a sport that features in the novels.

“It’s always been a gift to have a common language with which to communicate with anyone that you’re teaching,” Rosenberg said. “And ‘Harry Potter’ has been exactly that. I can make references and illustrate points though the story or through the characters and instantly everyone knows what I’m talking about. It’s like a shorthand and a code that almost everyone understands.”

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  1. Imagine how stupid this is going to look in twenty years or so when Harry Potter will be long out of fashion. Our Hagada stayed in fashion for millennia, why dilute it with some feeble mindedness?

  2. My einelech will love this. !! I Know the Seder will be more meaningful and relatable now. I’m Off to Eichlers now !

  3. And why is this on a Jewish site?
    The Haggadah is heilig, how can you put these 2 in one sentence?
    This coldness is exactly what Amulek did, and is still doing, Bringing down things that are kodosh to a level of tuma!

    Shame on the people who have a hand in this.

  4. i am no prude and by far no tzadik
    but will not let any of my family or grandchildren bh bring this to my seder
    everything has a limit
    the seder is holy of holys
    this is a disgrace on many levels
    im no kanoee just a regular joe bloe

  5. Cant believe you posted this.. as if we dont have enough tzoros with the terrible seviva we live in this day and age, you of all people have to invite and encourage such nonsense..

  6. I’ve never read potter in my life because it’s a fake read.

    Why would someone associate a fake mind driven book with the hagada. And more importantly, why would Matzav publish this?

  7. Rabbi Rosenberg is an established Rov, Talmid Chochim, educator and above all else is a true menstch. He works in modern orthodox school where I am sure most of the students reads Harry Potter. He writes on Harry Potter and similarities to Judaism to make Judaism relatable and exciting to his community. Let’s not make Harry Potter such an issue. Everyone knows that it’s a fictional book where children and adults enjoy reading. If you do not want Harry Potter brought into your house, then don’t buy it.

  8. and as per Aj’s comment above, it’s fine for this rov to work at a MO school for his parnasa, but don’t mix that stuff here in Matzav, which is meant for a frum audience

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