New York’s Subway, Bus Overhaul Will Take 15 Years, Cost $43 Billion


The Metropolitan Transportation Authority estimates it will cost $43 billion and take about 15 years to turn around New York City’s struggling subway and bus systems, according to a person familiar with the plan.

That comes in addition to the approximately $50 billion in capital improvements the systems are likely to need over the next 15 years, the person said. Read more.



  1. Does that come out to roughly 100 mil per station? And what are they going to do anyway, change some steps here and there, some electrical jobs, add an occasional elevator, some painting and some tiles perhaps – in other words they are not digging tunnels through Swiss Alps. Are the workers going to hang out doing nothing while being paid overtime union rates, while wasting building supplies purchased at four times the market rate? And who are the lucky vendors to get the gig, how much are the kickbacks, which bureaucrat/politician accepts the bribes…er, the bids?

  2. Sure. Just keep piling it on. I think they should raise the cost of a single trip on the subway to $30 each way, this way I could pay $60 for my round trip to work every day. The City’s main objective is to bring the taxpaying citizens down to their knees. They want to draw our blood. They want to cause us as much pain as is humanly possible.

  3. It’s worth every penny. We need wifi over ever inch. We need the sophisticated computers to say when the train is coming despite being inaccurate and of no help speeding up the train.

  4. You have to see how the city wastes our money at the park on avenue f and McDonald. They spent most of the year doingg nothing. They could have finished in two months what took them over a year. Most of the time the place was empty. Where were the employees?


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