New York: Winter Storm Warning in Effect Citywide on Thursday


There is a winter storm warning in effect for tonight at midnight until 6pm tomorrow evening. 6-12 inches of snow are expected, with the heaviest snow arriving around 10-11am with 1-3″ per hour.

Once precipitation begins spreaders will begin their operation laying down salt. Plowing will begin once snow has accumulated to 1″. The city is dispatching 2,000 spreaders and plows throughout the city and it is imperative that they are able to access streets.

Residents are advised to keep roads clear, avoid driving and utilize public transit as much as possible.

Alternate Side Parking is suspended on Thursday, February 9th.

Garbage and Recycling collection will be suspended as soon as snow operations begin.

As of now, schools will be open, but the Chancellor is waiting on a 4pm update to see if the conditions require closing school.

Very important: CODE Blue will be in effect tonight, so if you see a homeless individual out in the cold, call 311 so an outreach team member can offer assistance.

If it is an emergency situation, always call 911 first. Any issue that is not an emergency report to 311.

For more info check the NYC Severe Weather page regularly.


  1. Yeh right. They keep pushing off when the “heaviest” snowfall is supposed to be. First it was from 4-6 am, then they pushed it from 6-8, and now they’re saying 10-11? The experts obviously have no clue of what their talking about. I miss Mayor Bl$$mbergs insightful guidance during these frightful times. Things like, get up an hour earlier to scrape the ice off your vehicle so you won’t get a ticket.


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