New York Voters Approve Constitutional Amendment Expanding Casino Gambling


gambling-bettingVoters in New York have authorized seven Las Vegas-style casinos following months of debate over the benefits of expanded gambling and the rewording of Tuesday’s ballot question.

This is the exact language that appeared on the ballot: “Authorizing Casino Gaming: The proposed amendment to section 9 of article 1 of the Constitution would allow the Legislature to authorize up to seven casinos in New York state for the legislated purposes of promoting job growth, increasing aid to schools, and permitting local governments to lower property taxes through revenue generated. Shall the amendment be approved?”

The language of the question generated much controversy, with many feeling that the wording is designed to convince voters to approve it. A lawsuit seeking to change the language was dismissed in State Supreme Court

Now that it has passed, for the first seven years, four upstate casinos will be allowed in three regions, with one region – assumed to be the Catskills – getting two casinos. After seven years, three more casino licenses could be granted in locations to be determined. One possibility would be the lucrative market of New York City.

The casinos and their locations will be chosen by The State Gaming Commission, which regulates all gambling in New York.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo didn’t allow specific sites to be chosen, saying that will be up to the casino developers. His budget office says the state will take in $430 million in new casino revenue, with $238 million for education in a repeat of the strategy that approved lottery games. The rest would go to communities near casinos to compensate for public safety and social costs and for tax reduction.

“The passage of Proposal One is a big win for local governments, school districts, and taxpayers across New York State,” remarked Governor Cuomo after the election results came in. “This vote will keep hundreds of millions of dollars spent each year in neighboring states right here in New York, while increasing revenue for local schools, lowering property tax taxes, and bringing proper regulation to the industry. This vote builds on the landmark agreements we reached with Native American tribes this year, ending expensive court battles and unnecessary discord and restoring hundreds of millions of dollars to local governments. Since taking office, my administration has focused on reviving the state’s economy, and today’s vote will further pave the way for the creation of new jobs, construction, and increased tourism in communities across the state.”

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. New Yorkers are really dumb. (I’m being kind)
    You vote in DeBallsio and you approve casino gambling. Move over Detroit; Here comes New York.


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