New York State Cracks Down On Speeders, Other Traffic Violators


police-trooperNew York Gov. Andrew Cuomo today announced a week-long crackdown targeting speeders and aggressive drivers around the state.

The “Speed Week” campaign, which continues through Saturday, coincides with the NASCAR Sprint Cup and Nationwide Series at Watkins Glen International Raceway upstate. But speeding belongs only on the racetrack, Cuomo emphasized in a news release.

“Speeding is the number one cause of deaths on our roads each year, and it is a dangerous activity that puts everyone at risk,” Cuomo said in the release. “Starting today, the State Police will be increasing enforcement to put the brakes on drivers who ignore the law and speed. So slow down and drive safely or you will be pulled over.”

Speeding by vehicles of all types, and all traffic violations, will be enforced strictly throughout the week, the release said.

Read more at CBS NEWS NY.

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