New York Spends More Per Student Than Any Other State In The Country


New York State expended more per elementary and secondary school pupil than any other state in the country in 2016, according to a new analysis of US Census data.

New York doled out $22,366 for each elementary and secondary schoolkid — 90 percent higher than the national average of $11,762, according to Empire Center research director E.J. McMahon.

The District of Columbia was second in per student spending, at $19,159, Connecticut third at $18,958, New Jersey fourth at $18,402 and Vermont fifth at $17,873.

Read more at NY POST.



  1. $22,366.00 per child?!
    Bet yet, we Yeshiva parents don’t get a red cent from the corrupt State. We are saving the State millions upon millions of dollars, and gornisht? No vouchers? Nothing? What happened to all of Governor Cuomo’s promises? Why are we taxed for?

    • busing? do Yeshivas have a selective policy towards admissions? public schools do not! you want to save money send to public school!

      • Good point. No more Yeshiva for my kids. I’m yanking them out and putting them in public school with the Russians and Pakistanis. Thanx for the advice.


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