New York Sees 31 New Measles Cases In One Week


The number of measles cases in New York City has climbed to 121 after 31 new cases were reported, the city’s health department said Thursday.

Twenty-one of the newly-diagnosed cases are linked to a Williamsburg yeshiva which did not comply with the requirement to exclude non-vaccinated students.

Out of the total 121, 108 patients were children under 18 years of age, and just 13 were adults. Eight of the patients have been hospitalized, one in the intensive care unit, Medical Xpress reported.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



    • How is it that these links were approved now when so many readers tried several times in the past to post them? Have you finally woken up to the truth and turned around to save people’s lives?

  1. Get your swords ready and let’s go hunt down those rodfim. Lashon hora doesn’t apply because the anti vaxxers have a din of rodef so it’s a chiyuv dioraisa to eliminate them. Me lashem eiluy.

    • Yep, those terrible, terrible, terrible anti-vaxxer heretics!!


      They REJECTED the holy (vaccine) sacraments!!


      They DARED dared to defy the dictates of the holy, holy CDC!!


      They BLASPHEMED our holy god: Modern Medicine our holy savior!!

      OOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! OOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! OOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      STAMP THEM OUT!!!!!!!!!!!

      CHOP OFF THEIR HEADS!!!!!!!!!!!!

      BURN THEM AT THE STAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Yes, I well know that, and I was thus expanding on your superb sarcasm of all this whooped up super-hype and vehement vile and abuse that is being poured out on those people who, Boruch Hashem, see through the measles & vaccine propaganda.

        • And you obviously forgot about those Gedolay Poskim who say NOT to vaccinate and those Gedolay Poskim who say DO NOT FORCE other people to vaccinate.

    • They are looking for volunteers to make the same point about polio. Do you have a couple of your kids to help out with this mitzvah d’rabbim?

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