New York Legislature Approves Emergency Spending Bill; Avoids Government Shutdown


nys-albanyNew York’s Senate voted s few minutes ago to avert an unprecedented shutdown of state government, ending the latest scare in a two-year-old fiscal crisis and with a state budget now more than 10 weeks overdue.

The Democrat-led Assembly was expected to pass the emergency spending bill easily.

But the Democrat-led Senate required help from the Republican minority that had been voting as a bloc against the bill.

Republican Sens. Hugh Farley of Schenectady County, Roy McDonald of Saratoga County and Charles Fuschillo Jr. of Long Island voted for the bills. Democratic Sen. Ruben Diaz of the Bronx voted against the bill.

Failure to approve the bill would have shut down government.

The Senate passed the bill 34-27.

{1010 WINS/Noam Newscenter}


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