New York: Hispanic Principal Trying to Rid School of Jewish Teachers


A Hispanic principal is systematically booting white, Jewish and older teachers from his Midtown high school, current and former staffers allege in lawsuits, the NEW YORK POST reports.

“I think he hates us,’’ Peter Cohn, a former teacher at the High School of Art and Design, said of the school’s principal, Manuel Ureña.

A Manhattan federal suit filed by teacher Todd Young claims Ureña, who is of Dominican heritage, initiated a mass faculty replacement at the school after being appointed principal in 2016. Young’s suit accuses Ureña of trumping up disciplinary and performance complaints against teachers to clear them out.

“Since Principal Ureña has arrived at the school, he has targeted several Jewish teachers,” the suit says, naming Young and another teacher, Maya Zabar, as targets.

In a separate federal case against Ureña, Zabar says the principal failed to provide Jewish teachers time off for Yom Kippur and gave them unjustifiably poor ratings. Read more at the NEW YORK POST.



  1. Schools are closed on Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashonah in NYC. No time off is needed. Succos and Simchas Torah you would have to take your days. The teacher’s union has zero to say as holidays are the City Council’s purview. The DOE doesn’t put educators into schools anymore, it’s always been about politics and rewarding kiss-ups.

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