New York Food Stand Serves Matzah Sandwiches, ‘Making Bubbies Everywhere Proud’


By Shiryn Ghermezian

A new food stand located at New York City’s Bryant Park is serving gourmet sandwiches made with matzah, instead of bread.

Called “Matzahbrei,” the stand serves vegetarian ingredients between layers of “brei” — German for “mush” — a base made out of matzah, eggs, salt, pepper and applesauce.

Co-owner Aly Weisman told the website Insider that eating the not-certified-as kosher treat “is a mitzvah for the tastebuds, making bubbies [Jewish grandmas] everywhere proud.” Co-owner Eyal Cohen said people are usually shocked to find the traditional Passover staple at a trendy food stand. “People walk by and their first reaction is ‘Oh my God! Matzah brei,’” — the name of the omelette-like dish commonly eaten during the week of the holiday, when all leavened products are forbidden.

The food stand is part of Bryant Park’s Winter Village and will be open until Jan. 2.

Again, note that the stand is not under kashrus supervision.

Learn more about Matzahbrei’s sandwiches below:

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