New York Eyes ‘Textalyzer’ To Bust Drivers Using Phones


Police in New York state may soon have a high-tech way of catching texting drivers: a device known as a “textalyzer” that allows an officer to quickly check if a phone has been in use before a crash.

The device is called the “textalyzer” because of its similarity to the Breathalyzer, which is used to identify drunk drivers. Once plugged into a person’s phone for about a minute, it will indicate whether a motorist was texting, emailing, surfing the web or otherwise using his or her cellphone before a serious crash. The textalyzer would not access actual information on the phone, such as pictures, personal emails or web browsing history.

Twelve people were killed and 2,784 were injured in cellphone-related crashes in New York state from 2011-2015, according to figures from the Institute for Traffic Safety Management and Research. Read more at ABC News.



  1. This is why I carry two phones. When I get stopped I just give up my phone which is in the glove compartment and it is clean no worries just using my kop. This is cheaper that a lawyer and the policeman smiles kindly at me. All there tech will not help against me, I’m smarter and you should too.

    • Born in Brooklyn, you say you are smarter so I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume your joking. The reason the technology is in use is not to save you from a lawyer and a ticket, it’s to save lives. Any idiot that uses his phone while driving can hardly be called smart. But he can be called a menace on the road. I don’t want you to get a ticket; I don’t want you to kill yourself or anyone else. You are playing Russian Roulette if you or anyone uses a phone for any reason while driving. Please be smart for your sake and our sake too.

  2. Is “born in Brooklyn” serious?
    To be as smart as him and not care about 12 people being killed and 2,784 injured is not something I would be proud of.

  3. You win in this world but lose in the world to come as your distracted driving endangered others – whether or not you are in an actual accident, or cause harm of which you’re entirely unaware.

    A personal plea to please reconsider your game plan and to not use a cell phone while driving. Thank you.

  4. Born in Brooklyn: your comment is appalling!!! Y o a are appalling! You boast about how you endanger yourself, your passengers and everyone else on the road! You are a מזיק and I hope you stop your dangerous behavior before you chas v’shalom cause any damage. Don’t forget that anyone who sees you or reads this and learns from you to behave so disgracefully is also going to “credited” to you in shomayim. Do you know why using the phone while driving is so dangerous? Because it’s the equivalent of driving while under the influence, no less. And just try to imagine what will happen if the (—-) thing starts to slip from your hand while you’re at the wheel: you scramble for it, twist yourself into a pretzel, severely endangering e v e r y b o d y, just to catch a piece of metal. How many live, how many injuries, is that phone worth? Zero, and you are a zero if you act otherwise.


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