New York Developer Backs Down from Banning Mezuzahs


mezuzahIsrael National News reports that a developer of a Long Island, New York condominium complex who initially ordered on Monday residents to remove all outward religious symbols – including wreaths and mezuzahs – backed down, saying that he would allow a residents’ committee to decide.

“I want a committee of homeowners to make some recommendations and then I will have a meeting of all the homeowners so they can discuss it and come up with a reasonable accommodation for everybody,” said Lawrence Gresser, the developer of Stone Ridge Estates, a 73-unit senior’s gated community in Dix Hills, New York.

Patti Werner was slapped with a $50 fine when she refused to remove her mezuzah on her front door. Although she was told that she could keep the mezuzah displayed if she bought a storm door, she refused. “I refused. I have no need for [the door]. They want you to hide it. I’m not hiding it. I’m proud of it,” she said.

{INN/ Newscenter}



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