New York: DeBlasio Registers Over 900 Prisoners To Vote


Since announcing it would facilitate voter registration in city jails, the city has signed up hundreds of incarcerated people and jailhouse visitors to vote in the Nov. 6 election.

Mayor Bill de Blasio said Thursday that a landmark voter registration drive signed up 624 people in city jails and another 273 jailhouse visitors to vote in the Nov. 6 election. The city also submitted absentee ballot request forms for 547 incarcerated New Yorkers since the drive began in August.

“Voting gives people a chance to have their voices heard and weigh in on important issues that affect all of our lives,” said de Blasio. “With this initiative, we’re helping many more incarcerated individuals participate in our democracy and have their voices heard.”

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  1. I thought a person’s voting rights were taken away once he’s tossed in prison? Someone who is incarcerated should be allowed to vote for AG, Judges, Councilman, etc…? Vote against those who arrested him? How can that be? How can they participate in Democracy when they have proven thru their crimes that they have broken the rules?! They have broken democracy! This is asinine and illegal!

    • Democrats are above the law and don’t need to heed laws that don’t suit them.
      A person’s voting rights are indeed taken away once he’s tossed in prison but not if he votes Democrat.

  2. Can someone explain why the sheeple (esp. Jews who do not have internet access for real news) would vote Republican when all they hear or read from their news media – mainstream fake news (in English, Yiddish, Hebrew) – are reports against Trump and how good Obama was leaving behind such a strong economy and how bad and evil Trump is?

    • Tzedraita mesgugana keep your anti torah filth to yourself. Any fruma yid with a brain seeks real daas torah on who to vote for and votes conservative, morality strong military etc. not toeiva for a few dollars etc)

      • Any reason for the name calling? Not very Jewish. You need to learn some mussar and derech eretz and calm down.

        #2 Religious Jews generally voted Democrat for mayor and whatnot. You’re saying this because b”H Hashem blessed us with a wonderful conservative president, but before that may religious Jews even voted for Obama and in the last election, even for Hillary. Get your facts straight before posting and learn to post with a good attitude and with derech eretz.

  3. I think only one convicted of a felony has his voting rights rescinded. Also, what about those being held in prisons prior to their convictions? I would presume they also would have voting rights.

  4. It was easier for the mayor to register all those people in their jail, rather than walking the streets, under rain, in their respective neighborhoods of Harlem, Jamaica, Bedford Stuyvesant, and South Bronx.

  5. Desperate, Desperate, Desperate!
    That’s a clear sign of desperation! And we’re all going to take it! Certainly Herman Belle will not vore for Molinaro!

  6. I don’t understand. If it is their right to vote, let them vote, it is an unfortunate side effect of democracy that despicable people have a right to vote. Perhaps the law should be changed – write to your representative. Else how is it possible that absentee request forms are issued, etc? And more seriously, what prevents someone else from requesting, not 624 + 243 + 547 registrations which will make no difference in large and not-contested NY, but say a couple of thousand elsewhere in swing counties and states? Perhaps not even for prisoners but for non existing people?


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