New York City’s Styrofoam Ban Goes Into Effect January 1


Takeout joints across the Big Apple will have to find an alternative to Styrofoam containers by Jan. 1, when the city will start enforcing a ban that was upheld in court last week, Mayor de Blasio announced Wednesday, the New York Post reports.

The ban — which aims to reduce litter and save landfill space — includes plates, trays, clam-shell containers and packing peanuts, which the city has determined can’t be profitably recycled.

Smaller businesses with annual revenues of less than $500,000 can apply for exemptions if they can prove they would be unduly harmed financially.

“New York City’s ban on Styrofoam is long overdue. There’s no reason to continue allowing this environmentally unfriendly substance to flood our streets, landfills and waterways,” de Blasio said in a statement. Read more at the New York Post.




  1. Your happiness depends on using styrofoam? Really?

    Many years ago I discovered that if I put hot tea especially with lemon in a styrofoam cup, I could taste the styrofoam. Haven’t used them since.

    The only ones loosing are the manufacturers.

  2. Soon we’ll have to bring our own containers to buy food. Just like in the days of the Soviet Union. Good job, comrades Bloomberg and Wilhelm-DeBlasio!


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