New York City’s Rat Problem Is Getting Worse


Rats prefer the neighborhoods of Harlem, the Upper West Side, and Bedford-Stuyvesant — and they really like to party in the summer, a new study shows, the NY Post reports.

Citywide, the rat population grew about 10 percent from 2016 to 2017 based on complaints filed to 311, the RentHop study released on Tuesday shows.

Brooklyn had the most complaints borough wide, with a whopping 7,253 in 2017. But Manhattan had the most when compared to the size of the borough, with 197.5 complaints per square mile.

There were a total of 19,152 complaints citywide in 2017, up from 17,230 the previous year. Read more at the NY Post.



  1. Just because there are more complaints doesn’t prove the rat population increased by 10%!
    Maybe people are complaining more.
    Maybe the people who live there have more time to complain.
    Maybe the rats are getting more chutpahdik and come out in daylight more so people see them more.
    Maybe there is a shortage of water, so the rats are seen more often.

  2. Yes. Who can forget the famous video of a rat schlepping a slice of pizza down the subway stairs as people walked on by? Talk about chutzpa. Same thing with the pigeons around here. They’re not scared of anyone. They think THEY own the sidewalk and WE have to walk around them.


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