New York City to Start Charging Homeless to Live in Shelters


homelessNew York City plans to charge the working homeless for living in shelters starting next fall. At the same time, it wants to require more families to get jobs before qualifying for rent subsidies. That would need state approval.

The shelter fee is already a state requirement. The city enacted it briefly last year. State Sen. Daniel L. Squadron, a Brooklyn and Manhattan Democrat, says it should be blocked.

Legal Aid Society attorney Steven Banks says families should be encouraged to “save their meager wages” so they can afford to leave shelters.

Deputy Mayor Linda Gibbs says the shelter fees would be modest. Says Gibbs: “Open-ended handouts” don’t work.

There are about 8,500 families with children in city shelters.

{1010 WINS/Noam Newscenter}


  1. Are they trying to encorage the homeless not to work? They do the same thing with food stamps. People are afraid to make enough money and be dropped and have to pay taxes. What they should have is a system to wean people off these programs, in a way that makes it worth it for the person. In the long run it will be very worth it for the government, if they case about that.

  2. No, its perfectly, morrally correct if the outcome turns the way New York City hopes it to be. The sole purpose is to encourage the homeless and unemplyed to go out and get themselves a job. Trust me, they arent charging oodles of money in which it is an impossibility for someone who has a barely paying job.


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