New York City Poop Train Finally Leaves Alabama Town After Stinking It Up for Two Months


The smelliest train in America has rolled out of Parrish, Ala., and the small town hopes it will never see its like again.

In what Mayor Heather Hall described as “wonderful news,” the train’s load of 10 million pounds of sewage sludge from New York and New Jersey has been transported to a private landfill site 25 miles away after stinking up the town for more than two months, NPR reports.

The 250 tractor-trailer loads of poop ended up in the Parrish rail yard after nearby West Jefferson sued to prevent the sludge from being handled locally. The sludge “smells of dead rotting animals as well as human waste” and caused the town to become infested with flies, West Jefferson’s legal action stated. Read more.



  1. Environmentalists crazies. How much oil was burned in order to dump ny waste there? How much environmental damage was caused and disease transported? All nuts with nutty priorities.


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