New York: Alternate Side Suspended All Week


Travel is slowly returning to normal in New York City and Long Island today, as most mass transit systems have resumed partial operations and public roads reopened in the wake of this historic blizzard.

Residents can again use buses, bridges, tunnels, above ground subways and soon will be able to hop on Metro North trains, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said at a news conference today, NBC reports.

All had been shut down less than 24 hours earlier.

New York City’s airports are also reopened, although hundreds of flights going in and out of the region already had been canceled.

While the travel ban was lifted, Cuomo urged people to remain off the roads if they didn’t need to be out, NY1 reports.

Alternate side of the street parking has been suspended for the entire week to keep people from having to shovel out their cars and dump snow in the streets, but New York City schools will be open on Monday, de Blasio said.

{CB Newscenter}


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