New Yeshiva with Revolutionary Approach to Accommodating its Bochurim



The following is something that is truly remarkable. Please take a look!

Welcome to a revolutionary approach to the formation of a yeshiva.

Traditionally, Yeshivas are founded by a Rosh Hayeshiva with a specific vision in mind and then Bochurim are added to that equation. Now for the first time, a brand new first-of-it’s-kind Yeshiva is opening its doors with a revolutionary approach to accommodating its Bochurim in every way – this Yeshiva has been founded BY the Bochurim, as a clear alternative going forward.

A group of Bochurim have approached a generous donor  who B”H has agreed to back the following setup in full:

A group of Bochurim who want high-level learning and guidance in many different areas have recruited top Rabbeim to accommodate every spiritual and practical need without concern for any other factor other than each individual Bochur’s wellbeing. There will be unlimited Yungeleit and Madrichim, established Magidei Shir plus any other assets to ensure each Bochur sees the growth he wants out of his time in the Yeshiva.

Hagoan Harav Simcha Bunim Cohen Shlita, Hagoan Harav Elya Brudny Shlita and many others are actively involved in ensuring the success of this novel concept and passionately support its formation.

Spots are limited. Based in Lakewood. Opening for Elul. Ages 19-24. This is an alternative to Eretz Yisroel, BMG etc.

All questions, comments and how to apply please reach out to us at 732-551-7180. Looking forward to bringing you on board.



  1. Aha. So what you’re saying is, do away with the Rosh Yeshiva. Who cares about mesorah? Who cares about a derech in limud? Who cares about a derech in hashkafa? Who cares about a mihalech hachaim?
    We, little immature bachurim, are going to decide on our own what is best for us. WE are going to dictate the rules. Wow, tremendous. I’m sure the Chazon Ish is smiling now. I’m sure Reb Yisroel Salanter is smiling as well.
    This is chutzpah brought to a whole new level. Pheh. Shame on these people.

    • Grodna what are the most prestige Yeshiva in Europe started by the Bochrim!! Harav Simcha Bunim Cohen Shlita and Harav Elya Brudny Shlita support and are involved in making this yeshiva a success.

    • Dear Mr Heading for Disaster,

      Close minded individuals like you are the main reason Yeshivas are failing some bachurim. Instead of being so cynical, why not accept a new idea. Even if saves a few from falling through the cracks, is it not worth it? Personally I went through the system, despite wanting to leave Yeshiva many times to “work” my parents didn’t let me. For me individually, maybe if fromt he start I was surrounded by what I enjoyed learning and Rabbaim that supported me I would have had the chai’shek to stay in Yeshiva. Luckily I did find my way to the Waterbury Bais Medresh where I was free to learn what I love in a warm atmosphere. But even they have changed over the years to become more main stream. We need more young blood and ideas and less old school close minded individuals like you Mr. Disaster.

  2. Sounds like any other MITZUYIN yeshiva With some extra shoel umayshivs. What we need is someone to give big money to a level two yeshiva. Such a yeshiva would have small classes. Trained yungelite who could be a chavrusa and give guidance to bochrim. In addition such a yeshiva would need trained teachers to teach these bochrim work skills and prepare them for various jobs. These bochrim need extra curricular activities like swimming and gym you don’t have in the mitzuyonim yeshivos

  3. I am an average bachur who loves to learn but I can’t do it for that many hours each day. I want to be in a yeshiva environment and I want to grow in Ruchniyos, but I have some limits. I’m not weird and I’m not a bad influence on others but I’m getting stressed that yeshivos don’t see potential in me. I feel that many have written me off. It distresses me so because I’m a good person: I don’t want to do aveiros – I want to grow in my d’veikus to Hashem. Is there room for me in your new yeshiva or am I rejected as an outcast?
    I don’t want to feel that if I leave the derech hashem chas veshalom, then perhaps, someone will find me, offer chizuk and turn me into a desirable person.
    May I apply to your yeshiva before it’s too late or is your yeshiva only for the creme de la creme?

    • Hey Zalman from Summerset… I like learning but have felt very out of place and different from all other stereotypical learners I found a yeshiva that enhanced my life and now I’m looking forward to full time learning with rebbeim looking to enhance us yet not change us… I see potential in you… Come to this yeshiva here.

    • This doesn’t sound like it only for “elite” bochurim, just any bochurim that want to grow and learn from their Rabbeim, Rabbeim that aren’t affected by any other factors other what’s genuinely good for that individual Bochur

    • @Zalman of Sommerset we believe in the unique strengths of every bochur. You can succeed! If you would like an interview please contact us.

  4. Ain chodosh taachas hashemesh. Why change a mesorah which has been successful for thousands of years? All these “new” type of Yeshivos, whether by the girls or by the boys, always end up fanning out after a very short time.

    • Mesorah? Do you mean Misinia? Volozhen was the first of the modern yeshivas. Do you have a calender? It was started in 1803. That’s 214 years. Seriously run To your local library and check out a history book once and a awhile! Before that a Rabbi would have a few pupils. Tell me should the Rosh Yeshivas today bring back the mesorah of the volozhen yeshiva to collect funds so the bochrim don’t have to pay tuition!

      • Yaakov Avinu went to learn in Yeshiva Shem ViEver. Nu? How do you answer that, you 20 year old?
        Rabbi Akiva, 24 years, Sefiras ha’omer, the Romans, vichulu.
        Bais Hillel. Bais Shammai.
        Talk about a selective memory.
        Your dumb comment is bordering on kefira.
        It’s davka imbeciles like you that need a Rebbe. Maybe there’s still hope for you.

        • way to twist words. i wrote.
          “Volozhen was the first of the modern yeshivas” do you see the words modern yeshivas????? i wrote that for a reason.
          basically the end of the geonic period marked the ending of the ancient large yeshivas.
          after that it was a rabbi to pupil transfer of rabbanus on a smaller scale.
          if i said to pick up a history book once in awhile. do you think i would have ignored the large academies of baval?

  5. In the famous interviews that the Roshey Yeshiva gave Professor Helmreich in the 1970s one of them made the following very important point. A Yeshiva has to have an inherit haskofa and mehalch h’chaim it is looking to transmit to its Talmidim for it to have long term Hatzlacah being maamid talmidim . If a Yeshiva only exists to fill a demographic need and void even it is successful for a time it will not be Mamid Talmidim who will really have anything from them once they leave.

  6. This seems like an interesting answer to a uniquely American Issue – Yeshivas getting too commercialized these days, too business-like. At this point, the Bochurim might feel this way and that decisions might be made for image purposes, not the individual Bochur’s wellbeing. This has Rabbinic Approval so what’s the issue? Maybe that’s the reason it has approval.

  7. There will be unlimited Yungeleit and Madrichim, established Magidei Shir plus any other assets to ensure each Bochur sees the growth he wants out of his time in the Yeshiva.

    How can a Yeshiva possibly have an unlimited supply of Yungeleit and Madrichim, established Magidei Shir plus all other assets?

  8. maybe people should look and examine and see that maybe this is a reaction to a need that is not being served. maybe something is causing these bochrim to forge this path. generally people dont do things that are gonna cause opposition for no reason. who wants to have trouble, just for havocs sake?


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