New Yeshiva in Monsey Brings a New Twist to Traditional Learning

Why are the boys at the new Yeshiva High School  of Monsey so eager to come to yeshiva each day?  If you ask Shea Goldberger, a talmid of the yeshiva, his answer is simple:  “We love it here! “ YHSM is an exciting place to be, and the environment is one of friendly acceptance and  warmth.
But what makes this yeshiva stand out?  Parents at the yeshiva attribute its success to its unique ability to give the boys a sense of empowerment and self-worth.  “Our talmidim are engaged in the learning process because we make the learning interactive and student-centered,” says the Menahel and founder, Rabbi Dovid Rubin.  Rabbi Rubin established his yeshiva to provide a makom Torah where talmidim will feel welcome and unjudged, no matter their level of learning.
But how does the yeshiva maintain the constant state of engagement and enthusiasm? Much of the credit goes to the Rabbeim and faculty who work hard to keep the program fresh and exciting. Rabbi Moshe Maimon, the 9th grade Rebbe, brings his warmth and expertise into the classroom daily. He incorporates his vast knowledge and power of clarity in breaking down the Gemara and Rishonim step by step. The talmidim can repeat the shakla v’tarya of what they’ve learned  verbatim and are able to recall opinions that were learned before Succos! They are well on their way to finishing Maseches Succah.
An  important accomplishment is implementation of the new technology program at yeshiva.  The Secular Department, headed by Rabbi Mordechai Fishberg , directs the teachers in implementing a one to one Chromebook program, assigning each student a device to engage in interactive lessons, foster collaboration among students and teachers, and bring a variety of media into the classroom.  This allows students an interactive and captivating learning experience.
The yeshiva also has a strong extra-curricular component, including Earn-and-Go programs, which incentivize students to learn by sponsoring activities and trips as rewards for learning. Rabbi Rubin believes that the boys should be physically active, and has implemented a strong Physical Ed curriculum.  The yeshiva’s hanhala is constantly busy bringing exciting new programs to YHSM.  They are currently working on designing an app development course for the boys and hope to implement a full scale engineering program next year, to help prepare the students for real life challenges.
To learn more about Yeshiva High School of Monsey, please visit their Facebook pages at  or  Sponsorship and donation opportunities are available. For further inquiries, please call 845-641-3595.


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