New Yeshiva Founded by Bochurim


The olam haTorah was hit by a storm this past Elul with the opening of a brand new first of its kind Yeshiva with a revolutionary approach to accommodating its Bochurim in every way. This Yeshiva was founded by the Bochurim.

After a group of Bochurim recently approached R’ Moshe Gutfreund to spearhead this exciting project, he enthusiastically implemented the establishment this past Elul of    Yeshivas Lev Elimelech.

A group of Bochurim that wanted serious learning and guidance in many different areas recruited top Rabbeim to accommodate every spiritual and practical need without concern for any other factor other than each individual Bochur’s wellbeing.

R’ Gershon Gutfreund, veteran Rosh Kollel and experienced Mechanech, has been appointed Ram of Iyun Seder. His clear, engaging and in depth style of Lomdus combined with broad Yedios has endeared him to the Talmidei Hayeshiva.

Sugyos learned in the yeshiva are determined by the Bochrim in conjunction with the Rebbeim.

In addition, a dynamic group of Chashuv Yungeleit have been hand picked to learn and interact with the Bochrim. Along with this a prestigious and well established Kollel led by Rav Chaim Hendler learns side by side with the yeshiva, greatly enhancing the electric Ruach in the Bais Medrash.

Every single one of the Talmidei Hayeshiva has testified to the great Hatzlocha and satisfaction they experienced elul zman in this vibrent Makom Torah established specifically for their individual strengths and preferences.

B”H the Yeshiva is expanding this winter Zman and planning to accommodate all qualified Bochrim who wish to join this unique learning environment through out the Zman.

Based in Lakewood.  Ages 19-24. This is an alternative to Eretz Yisroel, BMG etc.

All questions, comments and how to apply please reach out to us at 732-551-7180. Looking forward to bringing you on board.



  1. And then when these “know it all” arrogant bachurim enter a marriage and dictate to their wife exactly how they want to run their home, the shalom bayis goes straight down the toilet. This whole concept is a chutzpah of the highest order! Pheh! You think this is what Reb Chaim Viloshiner had in mind?!

  2. “You think this is what Reb Chaim Viloshiner had in mind?!”

    Maybe, maybe not. These bachurim seem motivated to do good. Time will tell.

    Maybe some people need this.

  3. All it indicates is reconfirm the gemora in Sanhadrin regarding the lack of מנהיגי הדור בדור של עקבתי דמשיחא

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