New Website Offers Helicopter Rides To Ease Travel Time For Lakewood, Monsey and Catskills Residents


A new helicopter commuter service has just launched its services for Lakewood/Manhattan (a 24 minute ride) Monsey and Catskills.

As a partner of Wings Air, Upperide’s innovative idea looks to target members of the Jewish community who are fed up with traffic time.

Upperide offers the first of its kind daily commuter helicopter service for Manhattan, Lakewood, NJ; Mahwah, NJ/Monsey, NY; and Catskills with additional locations planned. In addition, their services include Albany, Boston, Washington, DC, Philadelphia, the Hamptons and surrounding areas.

Helicopters can be made available within the hour for Rockland County, New York City, parts of New Jersey, Connecticut and Westchester all out of various airports in the region.

For a closer look at their schedules and pricing check out UPPERIDE.COM.



  1. Communicated content.

    They tried it a few years ago and it failed miserably. There are not enough rich & famous people who are interested in wasting that kind of money.

    • Meanwhile during those few years since, a lot of people have made a lot of money, chopping down a lot of trees and building a lot of duplexes and triplexes where 1 home or woods once stood:) If someone thought of this idea he must know of many people who would want to make use of it. As a very long time Lakewood resident I find it hard to believe myself.

  2. Phenomenal idea! I think many will benefit greatly and before long this will become a very common way to travel.. The question really is, what’s their pricing like?? If it’s unaffordable they can close down before the “take off” (pun intended) traffic is bad but rather sit in it than spend $1,000. Any idea of what it’ll cost to NYC?

  3. Will I be able to take this down the 9 to yeshiva?
    Will I be able to use it to pick up my kids from playgroup in the afternoon?
    Will I get my money back if I don’t make “shmiras sedorim?”


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