New Website Is Interactive Video Map Of New York City


myblocknycWhat if you could see what’s happening and what’s happened, on any block in the city? A new website is trying to make that happen.

From Park Place and Broadway to 51st Street and Lexington Avenue, there are nearly 100,000 blocks in New York City and on each of them, something is going on.

“I grew up in New York City and walking the streets and always seeing these amazing moments happening, no matter where you are or what block you’re on,” said Alex Kalman. “It’s the combination of the individual perspectives that make New York what it is.”

That’s why the 26-year-old Kalman launched with his 25-year-old partner Alex Rickard last week. They say think of it like Google Maps meets YouTube.

“We felt why limit it to just a satellite perspective or why limit to just a bucket of content?” Kalman told WCBS 880 reporter Alex Silverman. “Anybody can kind of walk through the streets of the city and really get a sense of what’s happening and how that’s feeling.”

You upload a video on to the block from today or from anytime in the past. There is already a video going back to Harlem in 1995 and more than 1,000 videos so far on the site.

“It’s mapping the history of the city,” said Kalman.

{WCBS880/ Newscenter}



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