New Viral Video Released By Yesha Council And My-Israel Mocks John Kerry’s Peace Efforts


john-kerry[Videos below.] The YESHA Council and MyIsrael have released another viral video mocking U.S Secretary of State John Kerry’s Middle-East peace efforts. The spoof news broadcast follows a John Kerry look-a-like around the country, visiting some of the major hotspots, including the Western Wall and Jordan Valley. At each stop, the Kerry character gives preposterous and comical solutions to bridge the gap between Israel and the Palestinians.

The Kerry look-a-like is seen visiting the top floor of Tel Aviv’s iconic Azrielli Towers, where he looks out to the hills and Samaria miles in the distance and declares: “Where I come from we say keep your friends close and your enemies closer, well you can’t get much closer than this.”

Dani Dayan, Chief Foreign Envoy of the YESHA Council responded to the new video, saying: “This parody video is another effort by the YESHA Council to highlight the infeasibility of John Kerry proposals which are at best unrealistic and at worst a danger to the State of Israel.”

The new video can be seen here.

The mock news crew were actually joined on their tour by a group of top-tier Israeli journalists including a genuine crew from Israel’s prestigious Channel 2 News. The Channel 2 broadcast can be seen here.

{ Israel News Bureau}



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