New Town For Torah Jews


A new chareidi town, Dorot Illit, has sprung into being, on paper.

Sites at the agricultural area near Petach Tikvah are going for $24,000 apiece.

Once building permits are arranged, hundreds of acres may become available to build homes for people in need of affordable housing.

{ Israel}


    • Such broad sweeping statements are not true and inappropriate.

      יש ויש

      In the place where you live now every person is pro-Torah? Where do you live? On Mars?

  1. Please stay out of Israeli town planning news. You have no idea how things “work” here. This is a piece of “fake real estate news”. A prominent Rov has looked into the whole affair, and it’s a 15 year process, at the earliest, before something actually gets built.

  2. You could buy land , build a skyscraper , sell all the condos in New York ,quicker than the time it takes in Israel to get permission to build a portch.


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