New Square Ranked As New York’s Poorest Municipality


This village of New Square has been ranked as the poorest municipality in New York state, according to an analysis by 24/7 Wall St. published in USA Today.

The Chassidishe community, founded in 1954 along Route 45, has a poverty rate of 70 percent, with a median income of $21,773 compared with the state median of $60,741.

New Square’s median annual household income stands nearly $5,000 below that of Kiryas Yoel, the state’s next poorest municipality.



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  1. What an amazing Kidush Hashem….. when the overwhelming majority of a frum community lives off government handouts.

  2. What about the black areas. No one talks about their crime rate hurting someone society. Don’t forget that religious Jews pay for their own private schools saving the city tons of money. Next we have a private ambulance service saving the cities more money. The crime rate among religious Jews is very low saving the city another bundle of cash.

  3. There is no crime with being poor. Poverty is a blessing states the gemorrah. Kids from rich homes turn to drugs,speeding race cars and become spoiled brats. Even though poverty is higher in ultra religious areas but they are far more learned and happier. Studies were done in Israel and religious poor area were shown to be a happier more fullfilled society than the Tel Aviv secular type areas.

    • Could be. The Sefardim that live in my neighborhood, have mansions, fancy sports cars, and hot wives. They all seem happy to me.

  4. “Next we have a private ambulance service saving the cities more money.”


    They dont bill you, they do however bill medicaid/medicare for the service whenever they can. In a municipality like NS that is probably 98% of the time. Ultimately, the taxpayer pays.

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