New Solution Reached For Amona As Residents Prepare To Fight Evacuation


A new agreement was reached early today between the Israeli government and the residents of Amona that would see 24 families remain on the mountain in a nearby plot, twice as many as the previous plan that was rejected by the outpost residents, Ynet reports.

This will require the state to ask the High Court of Justice for a one-month extension to the evacuation deadline, set for December 25, to allow for time to build the new structures.

Amona representatives who attended the meeting with Bibi Netanyahu said the prime minister showed willingness to resolve the crisis and was trying to help as much as possible, but noted that the current plan will also be a hard sell to the rest of the residents.

“We understand that this really is the best we could get, but it would be hard to convince the residents. It’s not going to be simple at all,” said one of the Amona residents who attended the meeting.


{ Israel}


  1. What a sleazy plot. This is meant to pit Brother against brother and sister against sister. Who will be able to stay and who will get kicked out?
    This is like a Mother who has 6 children and she takes out 4 candies and says here you are my dear children. The mother is crazy. A fight will ensue.
    This situation should be all or nothing. United we stand……………….

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