New Romney Ad Criticizes Obama For Not Visiting Israel


romneyThe Romney campaign released a new TV ad on Sunday in which the GOP presidential candidate calls the connection between the United States and Israel “a cherished relationship” and criticizes President Obama for not visiting the country since being elected president nearly four years ago.

The 30-second ad also criticizes Obama for “refusing to recognize” that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.

“Mitt Romney will be a different kind of president – a strong leader who stands by our allies,” the narrator says. “He knows America holds a deep and cherished relationship with Israel.”

Romney visited Israel last month during a seven-day overseas trip. He and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have a friendship that started in the mid-1970s when they worked together at Boston Consulting Group. And they have remained friends over the years, with Netanyahu occasionally advising Romney on his political career.

“We speak the same language of freedom and justice,” Romney says in the video.

Obama visited Israel as a 2008 presidential candidate and recently vowed to visit again if reelected – a promise the Romney campaign also has attempted to undercut.

The campaign calls Obama’s promise “a last-minute addition to the itinerary” after Romney announced his visit.

Source: FOX NEWS

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  1. I hope everyone knows that the only two Presidents who ever visited Israel during their first terms in office were Carter and Clinton. GW Bush, the supposed best friend of Israel, only visited in his eighth year. Romney’s ad is disingenuous (sp?).


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