New Programs Aims to Shame Chareidim Who Join the IDF


Jewish activists violently opposed to the efforts to induct more chareidim into the IDF and National Service are reportedly building a database of information about all chareidi recruits to enable a shaming campaign against them all. Until now, activists concentrated on shaming chareidi IDF personnel who are actively involved in recruiting yeshiva students. Now they want to publicly disseminate information about any yeshiva students who dares to enlist.

“Among commitments the army makes to chareidi recruits is a guarantee that no one will know about their enlistment,” a campaigner said. “In this way they can lure them to cross the line between the stringent yeshiva world to the permissive and secular world of the IDF. Once those yeshiva students know that the party is over, the soul-hunters will be stopped from entrapping more yeshiva students in the army snare.”

A senior chareidi officer said that enlistment is still alive and well, with forty chareidi youngsters recently joining a new chareidi platoon of the Paratroop Brigade and 130 new recruits of the chareidi Netzach Yehuda Battalion declaring allegiance at the Kosel.

“Periodically, we launch new projects and programs designated for the chareidi recruit,” he said. “It eats them [the activists] from the inside; they don’t know how to handle it.”

At the same time, new Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman hoisted his true colors at a meeting of the Bar Association in Tel Aviv, saying that he would defer no one if he had sufficient power.

“If I had sufficient mandates, I would lead legislation which obliges every 18-year-old youngster to join the IDF or national service,” he said. “There is no reason why an Arab youngster should not serve in a hospital in Nazareth or a chareidi in the Laniado [Hospital] in Netanya.”

The attitude of Lieberman and his successors will soon be critical, for the new draft law passed last year only postponed the implementation of obligatory enlistment of full-time yeshiva students from 2017 until 2020, but allowed the government to then set enlistment targets “in accordance with the recommendation of the defense minister.”

{ Israel News}


  1. They want chareidim in the army but don’t draft the Arabs. Yet the Arabs are allowed to be judges in the court system including the Israeli Supreme Court but no chareidi judges. Chareidim should not join an army that has soldiers currently in jail for refusing to shave their beards. You can not be a frum Jew in the Israeli army that allows mixing of men and women as well toeiva tolerance. Out of 102 world armies,the Israeli army is number nine in tolerance to toeiva. America is number 42 and France 10 but Israel’s army is worse at a number 9. Soldiers neshomas are at stake as well as their hands tied behind their back by secular politicians who arrest soldiers who shoot terrorists too quick.


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