New Organ Called ‘Interstitium’ May Explain How Cancer Spreads, Study Says


While performing endoscopies — a non-surgical procedure where a small camera attached to a tube is used to examine the gastrointestinal tract — scientists came across what they now call the “interstitium.” The organ is a “previously unappreciated fluid-filled interstitial space, draining to lymph nodes and supported by a complex network of thick collagen bundles,” according to the study’s authors.


The interstitium protects the body’s organs, muscles and more from “bumps and shocks,” according to Newsweek. Since the interstitium helps move fluid around the body, it may also be a way that cancer spreads and moves into a person’s lymphatic system.

If the broader scientific community accepts their findings, the interstitium could become the body’s official 80th organ, according to Newsweek.

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  1. Fake news. Why spread Bubbe maasos? Just get the almighty flu shot and you’ll NEVER get cancer. You will live forever and will be invited to every carnival.

    • Or be a gullible ignoramus, join the anti vaccine cult, and reintroduce some medieval epoch diseases. Can you comprehend that the human life expectancy at birth has at least doubled since mass vaccinations eradicated(in the Western world at least) certain infectious diseases during the last century, or is it beyond your attention span capacity?

  2. Rewarding medical science.

    Mesenchyme is not an organ but a derivation of embryology to connect other organs and make them strong within.

    Trump era new values. We are just learning what Hashem does. He sees the liberty we have and expands. This dissects our medical approach. Much like Pluto is no longer a planet, the interstitum is now an organ.

    Fear G-d. It never was something our doctors knew nothing about. Now the public can ask more questions.

    In effect, fear anasarca too. Your interstitum failed but only because the body failed in other very vital organs.

    Other than that, the interstitum holds organs together and is not a hormonal release structure.

    Gabs for the industry. Legs still kick the voter.


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