New Non-Invasive Laser Procedure Helps Trim The Fat


stomachFor dramatic weight loss and body sculpting, surgical procedures such as liposuction offer impressive results, and now there’s a new procedure that offers a comparable outcome and claims to be safer, easier, and cheaper than lipo. The procedure is a non-invasive cold laser that basically melts fat away. It’s done with a machine called the “zarona.”

“The way the laser works is it shoots out a photon, a beam, it’s at 635 nanometers, and this makes a hole in the fat cell,” said surgeon Dr. Yan Trokel.

The patient comes in for a series of treatments over a two-week period where the targeted areas get zapped. The excess fat is released from the cell and is passed through the body during a normal course of detoxification. The procedure is painless and there is no bruising or swelling.

“With this new laser there’s no down time, you can actually go resume your daily activities immediately,” said Trokel.

Patients, of course, need to do work on their part too, including proper dieting and exercise, in order to keep the fat off.

“I was told that I would have to maintain it after the procedure is over so I know that that burden is on me in that sense,” said one patient. “It is to good too be true because I do have to maintain, but it’s like starting with a clean slate and it’s up to me to keep going.”

Two weeks after the patient’s final treatment, measurements show he lost four inches on top of three inches at the belly and two inches below.

“For you to maintain the inches off you have to improve your overall lifestyle, eat right, exercise and the results will continue to improve,” said Trokel.

For the patient, the great news is a great relief.

“You come in here and it’s a big, big commitment, so for me to not implement those changes would be a waste of my time and money and everything. This is it, the catalyst,” he said.

As for the cost of the procedure, sessions run about $500 each, with six recommended for the best results.

{WCBS-TV/ Newscenter}



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