NEW MINHAG: Videos, Photos: Rabbi Mazuz Participates in Official Ceremony Burning Haman in Effigy Ahead of Purim 5779



  1. It’ not a new Minhag
    The Gemoro says ( Sanhedrin 64b) “כמשוורתא דפוריא.” Rashi explains “On Purim, children made a fire in a pit and jumped over it.”

    The Rema (*Darkei Moshe O.Ch. 690) quotes from the Aruch who writes,”All Bachurim make an effigy of Haman and hang it on their roofs for a few days. When Purim arrives, they make a fire and they have a ring on which they hang the effigy over the fire. They jump from one side (of the fire)to the other. This ring is called **משוורתא דפורים.”


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