New Jersey To Raise Minimum Wage To $15 An Hour


New Jersey lawmakers reached an agreement Thursday to raise its minimum wage to $15 by 2024.

The new plan would raise the minimum wage to $10 an hour on July 1, $11 an hour in 2020, $12 an hour in 2021, $13 in 2022, $14 in 2023 and $15 in 2024. Those in the state legislature called for exceptions to be made for some employers, including small businesses and farmers.


The state Senate and state Assembly still need to pass a bill that needs to signed into law by Murphy.


Read more at The Hill.



  1. If the tzibur does not come together to fight this, many prices, for food – services, clothing – entertainment etc. will rise by 50-74%.

    Take a potato kugel. The cost of the potatoes and onions is a constant number. The person making the kugels will get 50% more for his/her time. The distributor will have to add another 20% extra for his extra wages. The store that is selling it will have to charge 30-35% more for all the extra labor of the stock people, cashiers, etc. Thus the $4.00 potato kugel is now a whopping $7.45!!! This is just the beginning!! The teachers, Rebbis, Moros, and everyone else will also need to get a 50% raise, and thus tuition goes up 25-25%!! Now you also have to a raise to afford this all.

    • What you fail to realize is that there is an employee that is NOT making a living wage. How can any human survive on $10 an hour? It’s a form of abuse. That is an outrage. Unfortunately the heimishe stores don’t seem to care. Be it a seforim store, grocery store, electronic store, dress shop, pizza shop, car service driver, etc… The employees are looked upon by the boss as lowly worthless pieces of meat who can be replaced at a moments notice. The goyishe workers they are afraid of. They give them off all the goyishe holidays. The frum employees must work work work without any let up and without getting any raise. No bonus. No nothing. Mamesh like the yidden were treated in mitzrayim. No family life allowed. No leaving early to attend a family simcha like a normal human being. You are a worthless shmata. So yes, employees are real human beings who deserve a living wage. They should get their raise. If the greedy store owners are forced to close, good for them. They deserve it.

  2. I’m a small employer in New York. My buisness has growwn but the minimum wage has forced me to keep the employee for the minimum time necessary then letting him off. The employees are hurting because if their salary is unsustainable the employer will eliminate their position. Basic economics are you only hire an employee if you feel they will earn you a profit. As soon as that changes weather buisness slows down or his production is less than anticipated the employee will be let go. The higher the employee is paid the less leverage the employer has to ride the waves of down time. The stronger employee will earn their salaries but the weaker ones will be unemployable.

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