New Jersey Senate Passes Bill That May Force President Trump To Release His Tax Returns


Democrats in the New Jersey Senate passed a bill that would require President Donald Trump to publish his tax returns, or have his 2020 candidacy blocked in the state. If it becomes law, New Jersey will be the first state to successfully put such a demand onto its statute books.

The bill, which the Democrat-controlled state senate passed by 24 votes to 11, obliges all candidates for president and vice president to submit their federal income tax returns for the previous five years.

If the bill passes into state law, candidates who do not meet this requirement will not be eligible for the ballot in New Jersey. To become law, the bill must now pass the New Jersey General Assembly and then be signed by Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy, the Courier Post reported.

Trump, a billionaire real estate developer, has repeatedly refused calls by his opponents to publish his recent tax returns.

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  1. This bill will also block people like Bernie Sanders from running as well.

    In any case, it is extremely unfair and a MAJOR knock to democracy to make impediments to people running for office that have no nothing to do with their ability to govern

  2. What a bunch of idiots. Presidential election is a federal matter. States can’t just outlaw federal candidates. Though if NJ liberal-fascist idiots insist on their illegal ballot manipulation, then perhaps the entire NJ electoral vote won’t count in a presidential election.

  3. I love it. Governor Murphy is carrying out every one of his promises. Finally a politician that keeps his word. I would like to thank all the absolutely brilliant askanim who promoted and supported this gem of a man. Enjoy. Good bye New Jersey.

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