New Jersey School District Plans On Punishing Students Who Participated In Walkouts


A New Jersey school district reportedly plans on punishing students who participated in school walkouts Wednesday as part of a nationwide protest of gun violence.

High school students in Sayreville, New Jersey walked out of classes despite warnings from Sayreville Public School District officials that those who participated would be punished, reports.

The students who left the school were reportedly told they would receive two-day suspensions while the students who attended the protest in the auditorium were reportedly told they would receive detentions.

Read more at The Hill.



  1. Sayreville school heads should be fired…. Why should their students have the same rights as all the others across
    the country. Their cause is a very worthy one and the school heads should acknowledge that by not trying to be
    an exception and outcast……..

  2. Good. Does anyone think anymore?? Just because the media decided this gets done does not make it right… What purpose is this serving? What is it accomplishing? What is it teaching the students? Is it the students place to make a protest in school??

  3. so stupid of the district to open themsleves up to bad publicity. if they were afraid the students wouldn’t protest peacefully, then impose rules on how the protest should unfold and punish anyone who doesn’t follow them…but to disallow the protest altogether because you cant be bothered to figure out how to control it is lazy.

  4. 100% correct.

    They should do it on their own time.

    Next there will be walkouts for DACA. Then walkouts for college tuition funding. Then for…

    If the issue is so important then OK walk out. But don’t complain about being punished. It makes your walk out mean a lot more if you did it at your own peril.


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